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Welcom to WaterGuru101 !

waterguru101.com brings you the genuine and experienced facts about all water applications. If you are a homeowner or a plumber, seeking for the latest or suitable appliance used to provide water, then this website is truly a guide for you.

There are many brands in the market for different water appliances like water tankless heaters, water filters, head shower, and fixtures. We help you to choose the best brand that is compatible with your water demands.

Our knowledge is based on thorough research and real experiences of the users, so, you will get the accurate information.

WaterGuru101 felt the need for homeowners, who can not pay abundant dollars on maintenance of water appliances like tankless water heaters, water filters, shower heads, kitchen and bathroom sinks and other household faucets, and gathered all real time experience and tips at on place waterguru101.com.

Now any one can easily understand and choose the best appliances recommended by Adley and sort out the trivial issues on their own.

To choose the best appliance either to fulfill your instant hot water demand or to get clean and fresh water to drink, is not apiece of cake. As not all models are perfectly suits your demand. So, here we serve you and make your shopping easy.

Enjoy clean, hot, and fresh water every minute!!!