Best Point Of Use Tankless Water Heater For Kitchen Sinks & Showers

To supply instant hot water to any single water application like a shower, sink, or faucet,  heaters with special mechanisms have been designed which are called point of use tankless water heaters.  They are specifically installed exactly near the appliance such as under the sink or close to the fixture where you need hot water.

The best point of use water heater is highly energy-efficient, able to provide an uninterrupted supply of hot water to washbasins, small residents, and RVs using either electricity or gas.  Surprisingly, they use minimum resources as fewer watts and gas to heat water instantly. They are a great way to deliver endless hot water.

best point of use tankless water heater

10 Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater – Reviews With Pros & Cons

Buying the best point-of-use tankless water heater that smartly meets your hot water demand is a great investment for your family. Following is the list of reliable point-of-use water heaters reviews, making it easy for you to choose the one based on your preferences, demand, and budget.

Image Product Details   Price
Rheem 240v heating chamber RTEX-13 point of use Rheem RTEX-13 POU Tankless Water Heater Self-modulating power control Check Price
Stiebel Eltron 074050 120V, 3.0 kW DHC 3-1 Single Sink Point-of-Use Tankless Electric Water Heater Stiebel Eltron Single Sink Point-of-Use Heater 50% less power consumption Check Price
ECOTOUCH Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater Digital Display  ECOTOUCH Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater Smart Self Adjustment Check Price
Ecosmart POU 3.5 Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater, 3.5KW@120-Volt .  Ecosmart Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater 3.5-kilowatt Heater For Under The Sink Check Price
Bosch electric mini tank water heater 4 gallon Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater 4-Gallon Fast Recovery Rate Check Price
camplux-me25-mini-tank-electric Camplux ME25 Mini Tank Electric Water Heater UL Approval Safety Check Price
Thermoflow UT10 Electric Mini-Tank water heater for under sinks  Thermoflow Electric Mini-Tank water EPS Foaming Technology Check Price
Atmor Tankless Multiple Point-of-use water heater with pressure relief device Atmor Multiple Point-Of-Use Water Heater Pressure Relief Device Check Price
Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater.  Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater 98% Thermal Efficiency Check Price
Marey ECO110 220V Self-Modulating point of use tankless water heater 11 kW  Marey Self-Modulating point of use water heater  Corrosion Resistant Heating Elements Check Price

1. Rheem RTEX-18 Point-of-Use

18 KW at 240 Volts Best Instant Tankless Hot Water Heater

  •  highly durable
  •  easy to use
  • Copper and stainless components
  • Lifetime warranty for residential use
  • Save up to 60% on your water heating costs

Rheem RTEX-13 best serves as the single point of use heater or feasibly a few faucets. Amazingly, it provides uninterrupted hot water with 3.17 GPM. This flow rate is excellent for one shower and a sink without the fear of running out of hot water. 

Featuring a digital control panel and self-modulating technology, it is pretty easy to adjust the water temperature as per your demand. It heats the water quickly and maintains the water temperature stable around the clock. 

18 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology

As far as the energy capacity is concerned, it is 99.8% energy efficient, thus you save a handsome amount of bucks monthly. 

The unit is equipped with many amazing features i.e. durable copper immersion two heating elements, field serviceable,  and compression water connections. Its compact size and sleek design allow you to mount anywhere on the wall and save considerable floor space. Moreover, the installation is pretty simple and includes ½ inch NPT adapters. 

To conclude, this 13k-watts mini tankless heater with many amazing features provides continuous hot water quickly making it a smart choice to be used as a point-of-use water heater for shower along with a sink.


  • Digital thermostatic control with LED display allows to adjust and monitor temperature
  • Uses less electricity to reduce electric bills
  • The best option for point of use heater
  • Affordable price and simple installation
  • Comes with 5-year warranty (for parts)


  •  It May have a shorter lifespan if not installed properly

2. Stiebel Eltron Point-of-Use

120 Volt Tankless Water Heater For Single Sink

Stiebel Eltron 074050 120V, point of use tankless water heater
  • 50% less power consumption
  • different kW sizes available
  • Resettable safety high limit switch
  • Lower installation costs
  • Hydraulically controlled for quiet operation

Specially designed for a point-of-use, Stiebel Elton 120V comes at an affordable price with huge benefits. 

It requires 3k-watts and consumes 50% less energy as compared to traditional storage tanks to heat water. It is installed near the utility sinks or lavatory basin to heat water instantly on-demand. Having a flow switch eliminates the chances of dry-fire and premature failure. 

Being a DHC tankless, it has hydraulic control making all operations quiet without any annoying sounds. This unit has a manual reset with high safety features. The robust copper design ensures reliability for many years.   

It works best with 120 volts, so you do not need to upgrade your electric panel system. Its slim and smart shape adjusts easily even in small spaces. 

Different Parts of Stiebel Eltron Point Of Use

The bottom line is that this Stiebel 110v/120v point-of-use water heater is efficient to deliver constant hot water to fulfill your demand. The temperature control dial system allows you to enjoy the hot water between 86 to 140° F without any fluctuation in water temperature making it the best point of use electric tankless water heater.


  • Equipped with flow aerator
  • Resettable safety with high limit switch
  • Operations are silent due to hydraulic control
  • Consumes 50% less power
  • A durable and reliable heater


  • Required licensed personnel for installation which is costly
  • Performance may be low in extreme cold

3. ECOTOUCH Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater

Small Electric Water Heater 110v

 ECOTOUCH tankless point of use water heater
  •  Instant & Sufficient Hot Water
  • Smart Self Adjustment
  • Convenient Use, Safe & Durable
  • Self-modulating technology
  • Overheating Protection

When it comes to the best energy efficient point of use heater, ECO TOUCH is certainly one of the most renowned tankless points of use water heaters. Equipped with a 5.5KW heating system, this unit offers unlimited hot water instantly without having long waits and temperature fluctuation issues.   

The ECOTOUCH features smart self-adjustment technology that ensures a comfortable experience. This mechanism automatically uses less power when the flow rate reduces while the water temperature remains the same. Moreover, it is 98% optimal energy-efficient and helps you to save on electric charges. Its heating capacity is 1.5GPM with temperature ranges from 67°F to 109°F. 

As far as safety is concerned, this heater is matchless. It comes with thermal cut-off, leak sensors, and much more to ensure 100% safety. 

The excellent combination of digital display and touch control panel offers convenient use of the heater. Now you can set the required temperature easily and let the heater do the rest for you. 

Salient Features of ECOTOUCH hot water heater

Being small as an oatmeal box, it easily adjusts anywhere in the house and mounts horizontally, vertically, or obliquely just as you want. Therefore it is an ideal choice for schools, bars, kitchens, hospitals, and hair salons. 

Overall, this compact designed heater is highly energy efficient to deliver constant hot water on demand. The digital control panel and self-adjustment technology make this unit easy to use and handle. Its pretty small size makes it a perfect companion for the lavatory sinks.


  • Offers multiple safety protection
  • Sleek and compact design with easy installation
  • Smart modulation with 98% optimal energy efficiency
  • Separated water and electricity lines


  • Best option for sinks not for shower purpose
  • Requires careful and professional installation

4. Ecosmart POU 3.5 Electric Tankless Water Heater120-Volt

Best Under Sink Instant Water Heater

Ecosmart POU 3.5 tankless water heater point of use
  • maximum flow rate of 0.5-Gallon per minute
  • requires a minimum 100 amp electrical panel 
  • specifically designed for under the sink
  • 1 Year Warranty on electronics
  • Plumbing connections 1/2″ NPT

Ecosmart 3.5 is significantly designed for point of use to bolster the hot water delivery of sinks especially. Talking about the performance, this unit is impressive. It has amazing built-in features to ease the users.   

First of all, it works best with low-flow applications like sinks and kitchen faucets with a maximum flow rate of 0.5 GPM. Being a flow-controlled heater, it adjusts the temperature according to the flow rate.  

Next, the unit features a digital temperature display to keep an eye on the temperature. The unit is reliable and durable due to the copper and stainless steel components. Its carefully designed compact size and sleek outlook make it a great option for mounting under sinks, strip malls, offices, boats, and RVs. 

EcoSmart tankless electric inline point of use water heater 5.5kw

Likewise, the installation is pretty simple and requires a minimum  100 amp electrical panel, one 30 amp single pole breaker, and 10 AWG wires. 

To sum up, unlike whole-home water heater this is an ideal electric point of use water heater for kitchen sink or single low flow water application to provide constant, instant hot water when you need it for your regular use. 


  • Wall-mounted design frees up considerable floor space
  • Uninterrupted supply of hot water
  • Saves energy by using the exact amount required to heat water
  • 1-year electronics warranty included
  • Field replaceable elements


  • Takes a few seconds to heat water
  • Does not allow multiple uses

5. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater 

110v Plug in Tankless Water Heater

Bosch Mini-Tank electric point of use water heater
  • Convenient hot water heater
  • Long-lasting quality
  • fast recovery rate
  • independent installation
  • easily mounted

Bosch ES4 is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of mini tankless heaters on the market. They provide quality at an affordable price and their point of use heaters line is no different. 

Featuring a compact and sleek design, this mini tank is capable of providing 4 gallons per minute. Its small size fits perfectly under the sink, in the cabinet, on the wall, and is easy to carry when you travel. 

This unit has a premium glass-lined material that offers excellent insulation which increases its lifespan and durability. Having 98% thermal efficiency, this unit provides an effective solution to your hot water demand exactly where you need it.

Furthermore, the unit features an external dial to control the temperature and the temperature/pressure relief valve ensures your protection. These small heaters easily plug into 110/120 volts outlets with 36-37” cords making installation simpler and easier even for the house owners. 

The fast recovery feature of this instant hot water is impressive. It reduces long waits and immediately provides hot water up to two sinks at a time. 

threee differetn uses

Overall, the heater fulfills hot water demand and the user-friendly features make it easy to use anywhere you want.


  • Designed as a sole water heating source for a single water appliance
  • Enhanced safety protection
  • External dial system for temperature control
  • Easy installation, durable and efficient
  • Eliminates long waits by supplying instant hot water


  • Has some leaking issues

6. Camplux ME25 Mini Tank

Best Electric Point of Use Water Heater For Outdoor Living

Camplux ME25 point of use electric water heater
  • Saving Energy & Money
  • High-Quality Built & Elegant Design
  • UL Approval Safety
  • Max. water pressure is 150 PSI
  • Can be shelf, wall or floor mounted

Camplux ME25 is a mini tank electric heater, a great option for those who enjoy outdoor life enthusiastically. This unit offers an intelligent solution for instant hot water demand by storing up to 2.5 gallons of water. 

Equipped with a glass-lined tank, this heater provides great insulation and enhanced durability making it last for long. Moreover, the internal coating of the tank helps to eliminate the heaps of limestone inside the heater. It heats water efficiently and quickly to reduce the long waits. 

Next, the safety of this unit is arguably matchless. The heater features a freeze-protection setting that does not let the remaining water freeze. Furthermore, the overheating protection ensures the safety of your loved ones. 

The thermostat control makes it easy to adjust the inlet water temperature. Whereas the external dial controls the output water temperature. You can choose the temperature from 50°F to 140°F.  

Energy saving foam with freeze protection

The compact design and stylish look make it a perfect fit for small places, patio, garage, RVs, and boats. Surprisingly, this unit has both mounting and standing features so you can fit as you want. 

The installation is quite simple. You just need to plug into a 120 volts electric socket and install this instant hot water heater under the sink or screw on the wall where you want hot water. 

To finalize, this compact shaped heater offers instant hot water where you need it. With thermostat control, you set the desired temperature and the advanced safety features ensure overall protection. 


  • No more heat loss
  • Enhanced safety: freeze and overheating protection
  • Efficient and fast in delivering hot water
  • Smart investment when you are on a budget


  • Draws more power when set on high temperature
  • Only licensed installation qualifies the warranty

7. Thermoflow Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater for Under Sinks

Best For Colder Regions

Thermoflow point of use water heaters electric
  • 2.6-gallon point-of-use mini-tank
  • Low standby loss power consumption
  • EPS Foaming technology
  • Overheating protection, auto cut-off electricity 
  • Max water pressure: 150PSI

Being a point-of-use electric water heater, Thermoflow UT10 is a considerably affordable high-quality item to supply instant hot water anywhere you want. It churns out 2.6 gallons of water per minute where it is installed. 

Starting with Advanced Thermostat Technology,  this point of use hot water heater automatically stops heating or reheating water after reaching the set temperature either high or low. Thus it lowers the power consumption and you save electricity. 

The unit features an EPS Foaming Technology that ensures better insulation and heats the water quickly and saves your precious time by providing hot water instantly. 

This pou water heater has energy-saving mode and frost protection mode making it versatile to choose any as per requirement. Furthermore, the Auto Cut-Off Protection cuts off the electric supply automatically to prevent overheating and minimizes the risk of heater damage, and reinforces safety.  

Designed with stainless steel, the unit is durable and efficient for heating and saving energy. The plug-in-style installation makes it easy to install and use to access hot water. Its compact shape and sleek design allow it to be used for basement wet bar, attic, cabinet, RV, boats, kitchen and bathroom sinks, school, and offices. 

Maintenance free stainless steel tank

What makes this hot water heater point of use the best choice are the excellent features that save energy while providing instant hot water when in demand.


  • Has saving mode to save energy and bills
  • Frost protection mode enabled
  • Stainless steel added durability
  • Equipped with Auto Cut-Off protection for safety
  • No regular maintenance is required but annual inspection is enough.
  • Eco-friendly, durable with a lifetime warranty.


  • Has valve leaking issues

8. Atmor Multiple Point-Of-Use

Point of Use Water Heater for Shower

 Atmor hot water heater point of use
  • Ideal for a Full Bathroom
  • Recommended flow rate 2. 25 GPM
  • Conserves energy
  • A Pressure Relief Device (PRD) is included
  • heat resistant polymer construction

If you are looking for an ideal point of use water heater that serves as a full bathroom ( sinks and shower combination) then Atmor AT-13 is the suitable option for you. This heater has an amazing capacity to serve two water applications at a time without running out of hot water. 

The recommended flow rate of this heater is 2.25 GPM sufficient to provide endless hot water for a bathroom sink and water saver shower head. Usually, a 1.5GPM showerhead is recommended for optimal performance when it is used as a full bathroom heater. 

This single-point water heater activates only on the detection of water flow at 0.5 GPM, lowering the energy and water consumption and delivering an endless supply of hot water on demand. To ensure safety, the unit has a Pressure Relief Device (PRD) that must be installed on your water heater as per manual instructions. 

Infographic of Atmor 13kw/240v, 2.25 GPM Tankless Water Heater Electric

The compact space-saving design either easily mounts on the wall or fits under the sink as a point of use making it suitable for both commercial and residential use. This point-of-use water heater demands professional installation that must be in accordance with local and building regulations. 

For electric connection,, it requires a direct connection to 60 Amp single-phase, and double pole breaker with 240 volts and #4 AWG. 

Sadly to know that this electric point-of-use tankless water heater does not feature automatic temperature control. Therefore, it heats the water to a maximum temperature even if the water flow is low. For the efficient use of this, the suitable water pressure lies between 115 to 230 psi. 

In a nutshell, built with the finest quality materials and components, and heat resistant polymer with enhanced fiberglass compound, the Atmor offers excellent performance and increased safety. 


  • Ideal for a full bathroom
  • Lowers energy and water consumption
  • Advanced safety protection via PRD
  • Endless supply of hot water instantly


  • Does not feature automatic temperature control

9. Bosch Electric Tankless

120v Tankless Water Heater

Bosch Electric point of use water heater for shower
  • no standby energy loss experienced
  • Save Energy and Money
  • equipped with high/low kW settings
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • can be mounted vertically or horizontally 

Waiting for instant hot water is frustrating especially if the sink is far from the central heating source. Therefore,  Bosch is specifically designed as a point of use to meet the hot water demand quickly and efficiently.

This point of use electric water features a dual-chambered copper heat exchanger that heats the water quickly and efficiently and you do not have to waste your time and water for the hot showers. Having 98% thermal efficiency, this unit minimizes the stand-by loss. 

Compact, lightweight, and stylish design make this heart a great option for different spaces. The installation of this heater is a bit sensitive and requires hardwiring and licensed installation. 

With its versatile construction, you can install it horizontally and vertically anywhere in the kitchen, bathroom, at warehouses, offices, concession stands, stations, and stores. The heater offers a 5-year limited warranty on the heating elements and a 1-year warranty on other components.

Infographic of Tronic 3000 water heater

It is equipped with 9500-watts and requires 208 volts and double pole 40 Amp breakers to be functional. 

To summarize, this point of use tankless electric water heater delivers hot water with direct electrical power at the fixtures you need it. The top performance specifications and horizontal/vertical mounting options make this unit a top pick for your home or business.


  • Lightweight and compact unit installs at small places and easy to carry from one place to another
  • Finest quality elements increase durability and heating process
  • Available with high/ low kw setting options
  • Backed by 5-year warranty for heating elements


  • Does not display temperature
  • Requires licensed installation and hardwiring

10. Marey ECO110 Self-Modulating Point-Of-Use

Mini Electric Water Heater

Marey ECO110 single point water heaters
  • simultaneous points of use
  • high-quality stainless steel water channel 
  • corrosion-resistant heating elements
  • Easy management and simple adjustments 
  • maintain 98% efficiency level

Designed with smart technologies, it proves to be the best point of use heater on the market. The LCD panel is easy to manage and adjust offering you to set the exact required water temperature. Therefore, you can have optimized consumption of electricity resulting in lowering the electric charges.  

This heater proves an ideal point of use for Southern areas of the USA where the inlet water temperature is above 70°F and allows to supply hot water to a shower and a sink simultaneously. This unit is capable of providing 3GPM with 28°F temperature rise in hot climates. As far as the cold climate is concerned, its capacity is 1.3GPM suitable for a single sink only. 

The unit has the finest quality stainless steel with a German design that enhances the durability of the heating chamber. Additionally, this unit is corrosion resistant and does not allow sediment accumulation as the water does not pass through the heating elements. 

The unit maintains a 98% efficiency level all the time. To ensure safety and retain quality, a professional electrician is recommended for installation. For electric requirements, it needs one 60 Amp breaker, 220 volts, and 12.6KW. 

Marey ECO110 Installation, Settings, and Adjustments

Conclusively, being energy efficient, it uses 60 % less energy and activates when the water pressure lies between 5 to 85 psi. It is easy to maintain the desired temperature through the LCD panel.


  • Excellent features in affordable price
  • Reduces energy consumption and electric charges
  • Allows simultaneous use of a sink and shower in hot climates
  • Corrosion-resistant elements increase durability and lifespan
  • 98% energy efficient heater


  • Low water flow in colder regions
  • Requires professional installation


Advantages Of Best Point Of Use Tankless Water Heater

What is the best point of use tankless water heater?

Unlike a central tankless heater system that delivers hot water to all water appliances even located far from the source, the point of use is installed to entertain a single fixture with small requirements. 

It is placed exactly near the shower or under the sink or faucet where you need instant hot water. This proximity reduces the long waiting by quickly supplying hot water to make you feel the warmth when needed. 

It offers a quick and better solution for restaurants, strips malls, wet bars, offices, airports, patio, RVs, and boats.  

What is the difference between point of use and tankless water heaters?

A point of use tankless water heater dedicated to providing instant hot water for a single shower, sink, and faucet where it is installed. It does not supply water to the entire house. Moreover, it is not capable of delivering large water flow rates to fulfill the huge demand for hot water.

Whereas a central hot water tankless heater supplies hot water to all the appliances including showers, faucets, and sinks, no matter located near or far from the heater. It serves as a whole-house unit. It is usually installed in the basement and garage. 

Which fuel source is best for a point-of-use tankless water heater?

There are 3 common fuel types to run the point of use tankless water heaters which are electricity, gas, and propane. To find out which type is suitable for you depends on your water demand, construction parameters of your house either suitable for electric models, natural gas or propane tankless units and the last but not the least is the availability of the fuel easily and generously.

Daniel Adley is a seasoned and skilled plumber with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in repairing and optimizing water appliances for large buildings, offices, and homes, he has a keen eye for efficiently identifying plumbing and maintenance issues. With a passion for his craft, Daniel brings extensive knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring reliable and effective solutions for his clients.

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