Best Temperature For Tankless Water Heater

Due to the wild popularity of tankless water heaters, enjoying the sinking of hot bathtubs and hot showers has become much easier nowadays. Undoubtedly, tankless water heaters have made it easy to access instant hot water whenever it is needed. But it is important to note that the water temperature may affect your health and skin in many imperceptible and unexpected ways if not chosen rightly.  

What is the best temperature for a tankless instant water heater? This question comes to mind then. As we all know that the stagnant water in water heaters and pipes used to carry water are the homes of a plethora and pathogens. Moreover, you certainly have a risk of scalding and legionnaires disease if the water temperature is set wrongly. 

These may be the possibilities due to water temperature:

  • You may get scald if water temperature is too high
  • You may get legionnaires’ disease if it is too low. 
best temperature for tankless water heater

What Is The Best Temperature For A Tankless Hot Water Heater

The temperature of hot water is more a matter of personal preferences whether you love to enjoy scalding hot showers or prefer lukewarm water. No doubt, setting the ideal and best temperature for a tankless hot water heater is dependent on personal choice but there is much more to consider regarding this.   

We cannot ignore its impact on our health and skin as well as on the electricity and water itself. The extremely hot water may burn our skin brutally. Likewise, it may increase the electricity usage and waste cold water in order to wait for hot water. 

On top of all, careful consideration is a must when setting the best temperature for a tankless water heater for hot water. Tankless hot water heater temperature range plays a key role in this regard. Setting the temperature at 140°F may cause safety hazards such as scalding. Further, the lukewarm water allows bacteria to grow and affect health. So the least degree Fahrenheit is also not suitable.   

How to set the best temperature for a tankless water heater

Multiple water applications require different flow rates and the flow rate is calculated by the addition of the GPM of household fixtures needed at the same time. 

For example, a bathroom tub has 4.0 GPM at 102°F. Showers flow rate ranges from 2.5 to 3.0 GPM at 104°F. Similarly, the average flow rate for a washing machine for laundry is 2.0 GPM at 120°F. Moreover, the dishwasher and kitchen sink offers 1.5 GPM at 110°F.     

tankless water heater temperature fluctuations

How To Adjust Tankless Water Heater Temperature

Tankless water heater temperature setting is not a tough task. Thanks to the latest advancement and technologies for making temperature adjustment extremely easy. Almost all the leading tankless water heater brands are featuring the LED panel making it easy to adjust the temperature you want.  These control panels ensure precise control over temperature to obtain the required output.   

Changing the temperature on a tankless water heater above the default factory setting

Going further, they also facilitate you to set the tankless water heater temperature in terms of degree by degree. Moreover, if you have multiple points of use devices instead of a whole house tankless heater, you need to adjust different temperatures as per the fixture and your hot water requirement.  

In like manner, the point of use on-demand heater near the washing machine has different temperatures and the kitchen sink has different keeping the demand and flow rate ahead. 

To control a vent that is functional with your tankless water heater is also easy. Thanks to the computerized temperature control that allows you to control the water heater temp through a fan setting.  

By all means, a tankless water heater with the best temperature setting is a useful and affordable device that works efficiently to deliver instant hot water on demand.  

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