Best Water Softener For Well Water With Iron, Rust & Sulfur

If you are on well water for your household water usage, you are aware of the hardness of water for sure and the mishaps it brings. It is prone to damage your home appliances as well as your skin and hair too.

Limescale buildup within pipes, on water fixtures,  stained dishes and clothes, dry skin and dull hair and unpleasant tasting are some of the major problems caused by hard water.

Luckily, a best water softener for well water is capable of removing all these issues either by pulling out the heavy minerals from water or through the ion exchange process or by neutralizing these minerals in order to stay as soluble in water. 

best water softener for well water

Moreover, the best water softener increases the lifespan or your water applications, upgrades the water flow and ensures the supply of healthy water that is good for your health.

Best Water Softener For  Well Water – Top Picks

To get a properly sized water softeners allow you to enjoy the right amount of clean water throughout the day. There are different well water softener system available on the market including conventional salt-based softener, salt-free, electrical, single to combos handling different hard water issues. 

When it comes to the best water softener for well water, our in-depth water softener reviews include expected longevity, efficiency, price, maintenance requirements and how to use it. 

Let’s have a detailed review of each model of water softener for well water. 

Image Product Details   Price
AFWFilters Fleck IRON Pro 2 AFW Filters Combination Water Softener Iron Filter 5600SXT Digital Metered Valve for Whole House (48,000 Grains, Black) AFWFilters Fleck IRON Pro 2 Water Softener 48,000 Grains Check Price
Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener with High Efficiency Digital Metered Control Head (32,000 Grains) Aquasure Harmony Whole House Water Softener 32,000 Grains Check Price
AFWFilters AFW Filters IRON Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve for whole house (64,000 Grains, Black) AFWFilters AFW Filters IRON Pro 2 64,000 Grains Check Price
Tier1 Essential Series 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener Tier1 Essential Series 48,000 Grain Digital Water Softener 48,000 Grains Check Price
whirlpool, whes30e grain softener salt and water saving technology automatic whole house soft water egenration Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain Softener 30,000 Grains Check Price
Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Whole House System 48,000 Grains Check Price
Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck water softener, Black Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck water softener 48,000 Grains Check Price
iSpring RCC7AK, NSF Certified, 6-Stage Superb Taste High Capacity Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System with Alkaline Remineralization-Natural pH, White iSpring Under Sink Drinking Water Filter System NSF Certified Check Price
DuraWater 80k, Black Fleck 5600 SXT Meter Demand Water Softener Grain Capacity 10% Commercial Grade Cation Resin (80,000 DuraWater 80k, Black Fleck 5600 Water Softener Grain 80,000 Grains Check Price
Watts OFPSYS Whole House OneFlow Plus Salt Free Scale Prevention and Water System, white Watts OFPSYS Whole House Scale Prevention and Water System 20 Micron Radial Flow Check Price
On the go otg4 portable large compact double standard 16000 grain water softener with back flush adapter for RV On The Go OTG4-VM-DBLSOFT Portable Water Softener 16,000 Grain Check Price
3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Scale Inhibition Inline Water System AP430SS, Helps Prevent Scale Build Up On Hot Water Heaters and Boilers 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Inline Water System 3M Aqua-Pure Check Price
AO Smith Whole House Salt Free Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative - 6yr, 600,000 Gl - AO-WH-DSCLR AO Smith Whole House Salt Free Water Descaler 600,000 Gallons Check Price

1. AFWFilters Fleck IRON Pro 2 Water Softener

Top Rated Water Softener For Well Water

AFWFilters Fleck IRON Pro 2 AFW Filters Combination Water Softener Iron Filter 5600SXT Digital Metered Valve for Whole House (48,000 Grains

Key Features

  • High flow for whole house use
  • Fine mesh resin design
  • high iron removal & long life
  • valve for efficiency
  • Removes hardness up to 70 gpf,

AFW is the latest advancement in the Iron Pro series and works as all in one solution for the issues caused by hard water. It is made in the USA and ensures the delivery of clean and healthy water.

The excellent combination of water softener and iron filter delivers the soft and clean water after eliminating the well water salt, sediment, Sulphur, iron, calcium, magnesium and sand. The Fleck Iron features a Fine Mesh Resin that not only removes the high iron from the water to make it soft but also has a longer lifespan as compared to others. 

Designed to fulfill whole house water demand, the Pro 2 has high flow and deals with the hard water of high level smartly. Additionally, it includes a bonus install kit making it the best water softener system when you are on a tight budget. 

Featuring a Digital Metered Regeneration Process , the unit measures the used water and regenerates the required amount when you need it making it a cost-saving model and saves the resources. For increase in water demand, it regenerates more clean water to meet the demand perfectly and regenerates less when the demand decreases.      

This water softener has  48,000 grain capacity and capable of removing hardness up to 70 gpf, iron up to 4 – 7 ppm range, manganese up to 6 ppm, sand, rust and sediment. 

Above all, this unit is backed by a 5 year warranty on control valves. Moreover, it is easy to use and works efficiently.


  • Offers high flow for whole house
  • Mesh resin removes high iron
  • Has longer life expectancy
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • High quality at low price


  • Charging plug gets hot

2. Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener

Best Whole House Water Softener

Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener with High Efficiency Digital Metered Control Head (32,000 Grains

Key Features

  • Rated to treat 32,000 Grains of Hardness
  • Aquatrol Advanced Digital On-Demand Meter
  • pre-filled premium quality resin
  • manual double backwash
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

Aquasure Harmony is one of the versatile and highly efficient water softeners that ensures to provide clean, scale and spot free water and soft water to your whole family. With its advanced technologies and great performance, it has successfully won the trust of its customers. 

Being a versatile water softener, this unit facilitates its users with three different types of regeneration process including time clock delayed control, meter immediate control, and meter delayed control. So, you can enjoy the optimized performance as per your requirements. 

This hard water treatment is capable of treating up to 32,000 grain of hardness. Moreover, this model removes hard minerals like iron and magnesium that are harmful to your skin and cause irritation after clogging up the skin pores. Consequently you enjoy a soft and healthy skin.   

As far as the performance is concerned, this water softener delivers high quality water through its pre filled premium quality resin. The Aquatrol Advanced Digital On-Demand Meter Control Head gives you precise control. Apart from its manufacturing pre-setting, it is easily customizable for special applications and fits individual needs.

Most importantly, the water softener is made of high quality corrosion resistant fiberglass that increases its durability and lasts for long. 

Unlike traditional softener systems, the Harmony Series is amazingly efficient and calculates the exact amount of water it treats and then backwashes when you need. So you save more water and reduce the demand for salt restoration. 

The bottom line is that the Aquasure Series is built for performance, efficiency and dependability and easily customizable to fulfill your needs.  


  • Rated to treat 32,000 grains of hardness
  • Removes skin damaging hard minerals
  • Equipped with pre-filled premium quality resin
  • Comes with 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Fully customizable control head


  • Manual is not easy to understand
  • Some user reported leaking issue 

3. AFWFilters AFW Filters IRON Pro 2 (64,000 Grains, Black)

Budget Pick Iron Water Softener

AFWFilters AFW Filters IRON Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve for whole house (64,000 Grains, Black

Key Features

  • High flow for whole house use
  • Fine mesh resin design
  • high iron removal & long life
  • valve for efficiency
  • Removes hardness up to 70 gpf,

The AFWFilters in collaboration with Iron Pro 2 performs tremendously to remove iron from the water making it soft and clean and ready to use. Best of all, it comes with AFW Filters install kit including sanitizer, lubricant as well as instructions and makes it best water softener for well water with iron. 

When it comes to performance, this Pro 2 Combination is efficient to remove hardness up to 70 gpg, iron up to 4 to 7 ppm range, and manganese up to 6 ppm. In addition to this, it prevents scale buildup and rust stains by eliminating sand and sediments. 

Featuring a Fleck 5600 SXT digital metered valve, this unit efficiently measures the amount of water usage and keeps record of water hardness level and regenerates accordingly. Talking about its grains capacity, the Iron Pro has 64,000 grains that is sufficient to serve 6 to 7 people without sacrificing the flow rate and that can go up to 16 GPM.

The best part is that it is a lightweight water softener system that weighs only 95 pounds and only requires 120 volts of power to run perfectly. The water consumption is 45 gallon which is more than enough. The unit offers a 10 years warranty for the tank and 5 years for valves.    


  • Comes with filter installation kit
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Prevents red stains on the water application
  • Removes hardness up to 70 gpg
  • All in one solution with high flow


  • Customer support need improvement
  • Manual is ambiguous

4. Tier1 Essential Series 48,000 Grain Digital Water Softener

Best Value

Tier1 Essential Series 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener

Key Features

  • LCD display
  • pre-filled mineral tank 
  • enhances the effectiveness of soaps 
  • saving over 4 feet of floor space
  • US based technical support is available

Tier 1 Essential Series is one of the renowned water softener systems when you have space shortage and tight budget. Basically, it is a salt-based softener that uses an ion exchange method to clean water. 

On the top of all, the Essential Series prevents the limescale build-up which is a common problem and makes skin dry, hair lifeless and clothes dull when contacted with soap. The Tier 1 is designed in a way to clean water that enhances the usefulness of soap and detergents and ensures the healthy skin, shiny hair, brightness of clothes and fixtures protection to a great extent.

Next, the unit features a user friendly digital metering system that allows you to schedule the regeneration cycle easily and efficiently. Apart from this, the head control is pretty easy and makes cycle operations fully adjustable. 

Well, the Tier1 has impressive upflow generation making it popular among homeowners. Before the start of the regeneration cycle, it has the ability to process up to 48,000 grains of hardness and make it suitable for small families. Thanks to its advanced resin features that saves the salt and unused amount of resin to be used in future. 

The exciting part is that it has an easy to use LCD display that allows you to keep an eye on the ongoing functions and set when needed. In terms of installation, this water softener is not less than a blessing as it does not require much space. It has a quick and easy installation process and comes with essential accessories to make you go in the flow.

Consisting of mineral tank and brine tank this unit offers a great solution to all your hard water problems and protects every drop of water. 


  • High capacity polystyrene reduces soap scum and limescale
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Fully adjustable cycle time
  • LCD display to show pertinent information
  • Excellent customer support


  • You need to recharge manually
  • Control panel is not easy to understand

5. Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain Softener

Most Reliable Pick

Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain Softener | Salt & Water Saving Technology | NSF Certified | Automatic Whole House Soft Water Regeneration, 0.75 inches, Off-White

Key Features

  • ideal for households of 1-4+ people
  • removes up to 8ppm of clear water iron
  • NSF certified to reduce hard water
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • demand initiated regeneration technology

Whirlpool is a reliable name since 1911 that is manufacturing top notch water applications and providing you the highest quality water solutions dedicatedly. This Whirlpool WHES30E is no exception. 

This WHES30E model is specifically designed to meet the demand of medium sized families including 1 to 4+ people. This Whirlpool Softener is able to process up to 30,000 grains and eliminates the hard minerals from water. This clean water increases the effectiveness of detergent and you get more clean and bright clothes even after washing.

Besides, the Whirlpool delivers high quality clean water that does not build up the limescale and increases the lifespan of shower heads and faucet fixtures without impacting the water pressure. Moreover, this soft water leaves your skin soft and supple and hair healthy and shiny. 

In terms of functionality, the WHES30E regenerates automatically after calculating your typical habits of water usage.moreover, it uses the required amount of salt and water to regenerate making it cost-effective and efficient softener system. 

This system is amazing when it comes to flow rate and iron removal capacity. It removes up to 8 ppm of ferrous/ iron from your well water and proves an effective solution against water impurities. Another plus is that the Whirlpool 30,000 comes with a low salt indicator that allows you to add salt when needed. So no more waste of salt in terms of guessing.

As far as the warranty of the unit is concerned, it comes with a 1 year warranty of parts and labor, 3  year limited electronics, and 10 year limited on the tanks.  This NSF certified water softener has a sufficient flow rate of 7 GPM. 

To conclude, the Whirlpool is an excellent water softener for well water and ensures the protection of water applications and reduces the potential scale problems. 


  • Low maintenance demands
  • Simple interface and easy to use
  • NSF certified
  • Offers excellent warranty
  • Equipped with salt and water saving technology


  • Not suitable for large families
  • May have leaking issues if not installed properly

6. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Whole House System

Water Softener With Iron Filter

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System

Key Features

  • Digital on-demand Metered Water Softener
  • brine tank with safety float
  • Includes Fleck bypass valve
  • treat up to 12 gpm service flow rates
  • 8% cross linked resin

The Fleck 5600SXT is engineered as a whole house water softener that uses the traditional ion exchange method with the collaboration of latest technologies to soften it. Equipped with the digital control feature, it is easy to monitor the water condition of your house.

Being a versatile and convenient water softener for well water, it has numerous features to purify the well water. First of all, this model is convenient to use because of its four different regeneration modes that are Immediate Meter, Delayed Meter, Delayed Time Clock, and Day Of The Week regenerations. So you can choose what suits you the most.

With its water volume monitor, it allows the users to keep eyes on the remaining water and salt and add when needed. To maximize the  performance, this softener features an internal memory backup that restores the operating information within 48 hours in case of power failure.

What can be more perfect than a water softener that has a simple interface making it easy to use and operate with its backlit LCD display and touchpads. On the other hand, the ion exchange process removes calcium and magnesium to soften the water. 

When it comes to protection, the Fleck has a Safety Float System that prevents overfilling the tank. This softener system is efficient to treat maximum 12 GPM service flow rates and 28 GPM for peak hours making it ideal for medium to large sized families. 

The Fleck has 48,000 grains capacity and 8% cross linked premium softening resin to provide high quality clean and soft water. In terms of installation, it only takes 1 to 2 hours if you have some plumbing skills. 

On the whole, this hard water softener is durable and high quality water softener backed by an outstanding 5 year warranty for valves and 10 year on tanks. It has been tested to run for 27 years constantly which makes it different from others. 


  • Display reaming water volume
  • Reliable and easy to handle touchpads
  • Features memory backup
  • Affordable and durable
  • Offers high flow rate
  • Moderate to hard water


  • Installation instructions are not clear
  • Control valve leaking issues are reported by some users

7. Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck water softener

High Efficiency Water Softener Iron Removal

Key Features

  • fleck 5600Sxt digital metered control head
  • 1.5 cu. Ft. Upgraded 10 percent crosslink resin
  • Easy to install 
  • reliable long lasting water treatment
  • AFW install kit included

The Fleck WS48-56sxr is an exclusive digital controlling water softener by Pentair which is engineered on tried and tested 6500 valves to help you operate the system easily. This system contains an LED display to let you know about the current status.

This whole house water softener is perfect to be used by large families for multiple purposes such as laundry, drinking, cooking, and bathing, and so on. However, the mesmerizing system works competently for the whole house that provides water in multiple taps and delivers softened water with the enhanced flow.

It uses high resin capability that eliminates hard ions of magnesium and calcium and transforms these ions with sodium. Since it is a salt-based water softener, you may frequently need to change the salt pallet. These resins stay in the system for an extended time so you don’t need to manage the system multiple times which makes it best water softener for well water.

Besides, this water softener is executed by using resin beans which hold the capacity of 48000 grains to soften the water. This capacity is adequate enough that it removes all impurities and other contaminants from water to make it drinkable.

Other than that, you may find this water softener rather expensive in the line of top rated water softeners, but it performs greatly for medium sized families. Also, it not only softens the hard water but cleanses it to consume it for drinking purposes. Moreover, you would get a five-year warranty with this best water softener system.


  • Can be installed effortlessly
  • Touch-based control panel
  • Economical water softening
  • The replacement parts are easily available in the market
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • Expensive to purchase
  • The size is not enough to handle a large family

 8. iSpring RCC7AK Under Sink Drinking Water Filter System

All In One Water Softener and Filter

iSpring RCC7AK, NSF Certified, 6-Stage Superb Taste High Capacity Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System with Alkaline Remineralization-Natural pH

Key Features

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 58
  • restore the natural alkalinity
  • includes an additional sixth stage
  • Beautiful European-Style kitchen faucet
  •  do-it-yourself installation

iSpring is one of the most renowned companies which delivers reliable water products to its buyers. Thus, all products by iSpring are worthy-buying that works efficiently. However, the RCC7AK water filter is competent in removing 99 percent of all germs, bacteria, and other contaminants from water to make it drinkable.

It mechanically balances the taste and minerals of water and does not affect the taste of the water. This product can soften a maximum of 75 gallons which is fantastically enough for large families. However, if you keep some sort of doubt regarding the purity of drinking well water, you can fearlessly adopt this product.

The iSpring RCC7AK water filter is tremendously easy to install. An instruction book comes along with the product, just follow the guidelines, and install it yourself. Moreover, its compact design allows you to fit it even under water sink or within a cabinet, it would install easily.

The Reverse Osmosis water filtration system ensures the restoration of natural alkalinity and mineral balance. Thus you get clean, pure and healthy drinking water. This water filter removes up to 99% of harmful contaminants efficiently.

The transparent stage housing allows visual inspection easily. Moreover, it features finest micron, layered protection and leak-free system.

The great thing about the unit is that it has low price but comes with quality features and provides great tasting healthy water.


  • Installation is done within a few time
  • Saves a lot of money and time
  • Enhances the taste of water
  • Removes iron and other minerals
  • Construction is solid


  • You may find the instructions a bit challenging
  • The pH filter is not 100% efficient

 9. DuraWater 80k, Black Fleck 5600 Water Softener Grain

Best Water Softener Resin

Key Features

  • Comes with 10% crosslink resin
  • comes with install kit with test strip
  • Includes Fleck bypass valve
  • Complete brine tank with float
  • right parts for the best performance

Another fabulous water softener for well water DuraWater which is an energy-efficient product. This water softener is beneficial in numerous manners. First, it saves your energy to a great extent, not only energy but your soap, detergent, and time to be dealt with hard water.

It is a salt-based softening system that removes extra magnesium, calcium, and other ions, and replaces them with sodium. That is why it defends your appliances against rust, and makes your hair silky and shiny.

If you keep a large family and are looking for a water softener that provides soft water to numerous taps, you should pick DuraWater 80k water softener because it has maximum 80,000 grain capacity.

This best water softener system not only removes these ions, but keeps your appliances, pipes, clothes, and dishes protected from hard minerals. The DuraWater guarantees your health and you can confidently consume this water for drinking and cooking purposes.

It comes in a compact size which can be easily installed and takes not much space. You can either fit it within your kitchen cabinet or in any other tiny space. Moreover, you would get three incredible shades in this system.


  • Ideal for large families
  • Can be controlled through a built-in LCD
  • Efficiently removes magnesium, sulfur, and calcium from the water
  • Provides oxidation and filtration to water for drinking
  • Comes in three cool colors
  • Effective for both city walls and well supplies


  • Rather pricey to buy

10. Watts OFPSYS Whole House Scale Prevention and Water System

Best Performance Water Softener and Filter

Key Features

  • included multifunction tool
  • Last up to 250,000 gallons or 3 years
  • certified by the Water Quality Association
  • OneFlow + Water Filtration System
  • Great Tasting Water at Every Tap

One Flow Plus Salt System Free Scale is manufactured by the brand Watts which has received some astonishing feedback and reviews by its users. This system falls under the category of salt-free water softeners which gracefully softens and cleanses water without using any chemical or salt.

The system uses an exclusive technology known as Template Assisted Crystallization via which it transforms minerals of hard water like calcium and magnesium into crystals. However, these crystals remain inside water but they do not stick to your appliances or plumbing in order to keep them free of scale.

This whole water softening system is maintenance-free. Another surprising thing is that it does not require electricity to operate. You can use it consistently for up to three years without literal maintenance. Thus, the One Flow system is perfect for those who just want to install and forget it.

Besides, there is a chlorine system that aids in purifying water of up to 50,000 gallons which is adequate for average use. However, the system is not ideal for whole house water filtration.

Although it is a bit pricy water softener, it saves huge bucks on energy costs and plumbing system repairs making it worth every penny.


  • No need for maintenance
  • WQA-NSF Certified
  • Reliable system
  • long-lasting for up to 3 years
  • Holds the capacity to cleans 50,000 gallons of water
  • Protects your plumbing system and appliances


  • Not ideal for whole house water filtration

11. On The Go OTG4-VM-DBLSOFT Portable Water Softener

Cheap Water Softener

Key Features

  • supplies approx. 40% soft water 
  • up to 1600 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 3 GPM
  • Requires no tools or electricity
  • prevents hard water and rust stains

This Amazon’s choice water softening system comprises a double standard water capacity which has the credibility to contain 16,000 grains of water. Besides, it has extended periods of regeneration cycles which carry softened water for a longer time and you don’t need to regenerate it repeatedly.

Being a very compact water softening system, it weighs only 32 pounds. This small water softener can be fixed on any tiny space in your home. Further, this lightweight system is effortlessly portable from one place to another making it ideal for RV and marine.

The OTG4 is capable of delivering up to 1600 gallons of soft water with the flow rate of 3 GPM which is enough to be used for 40 days without any trouble. Thanks to the simple interface of this system that does not demand any tool or electricity to be functional. It only uses a standard hose connection between park faucet and RV or marine.

Designed to improve the taste and odor, this system prevents hard water and rust stains, and eliminates scale build-up in order to increase the lifespan of appliances. Further, this unit increases the lathering of soap and improves rough and dry skin.   


  • No tools are required to assemble or install
  • Very compact in size
  • Easily portable
  • Comes along with a water hardness test stripe
  • Contains large capacity


  • No deposit filter included
  • No indicating light is there to warn for regeneration

12. 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Inline Water System

Small Water Softener For Any Size Home

Key Features

  • helps protects hot water heaters
  • helps maintain water heater efficiency
  • easy to replace
  • high flow rates, rated for up to 10 GPM
  • corrosion resistant material 

The 3M Aqua Pure whole house water softener is categorized in a salt-free water softening system which is made of stainless steel. This product does not damage your appliances and keeps them corrosion-free.

Additionally, this well water softener does not consume electricity. It uses a temperature between 40°F to 100°F for operating hard water. This product is very lightweight which can be held easily to move from one place to another.

You can install the system by yourself either by following the instructions or by watching some installation videos. The 3M Aqua-Pure water system is basically designed to protect and help hot water heaters. It efficiently restrains the scale accumulation in hot water heaters either run on gas or electricity and tankless style.

It cleanses water and enhances its taste which is superbly safe to drink. The construction is robust. So, where can you get so many advantages in one product and at a competitive price other than this?

Featuring an AP431 Replacement Water Cartridge, it is easy to maintain the system and corrosion resistant material offers long service life. It is ideal for any sized home which makes best water softener and popular among the home owners.


  • Multi-purpose water softening and filtering system
  • Very affordable to buy
  • Does not use electricity
  • Salt-free softening system
  • Made of safe materials to drink water from it


  • It has a limited water capacity
  • You need to adopt a pre-filter separately along with this product

13. AO Smith Whole House Salt-Free Water Descaler

Best Salt Free Water Softener

Key Features

  • Digital on-demand Metered Water Softener
  • brine tank with safety float
  • Includes Fleck bypass valve
  • treat up to 12 gpm service flow rates
  • 8% cross linked resin

If you are looking for a salt-free best water softeners, then the AO Smith water softener for well water is a perfect choice for you. This excellent well water softener system does not use any chemical to soften hard water, yet it naturally diminishes the scale from pipes and provides you pure water.

The natural process would not remove any natural nutrients from water so that you get healthy drinkable water.

Moreover, this well water softener can transform up to 600,000 gallons of water which can go for more than 6 years. Since it is a whole-house system, it delivers water to multiple taps and showers, and you can use this water for washing, drinking, cooking, and bathing purposes effortlessly.

Another amazing thing is that the AO Smith water softening system is compatible with both well and city water taps. In addition to this, the water system works noise-freely that does not interrupt your other tasks.

Thanks to the salt and chemical-free system, it does not require any cleaning, backwashing, salt-bags or electricity and make it a budget friendly softener. Furthermore, this unit comes with one whole house descaler, shut-off valve, hose adapter and nipple.  


  • Installation is very convenient
  • Purifies water without using salt or another chemical
  • Can convert up to 600,000 Gallons of water
  • Extremely consistent with durable construction
  • The system does not need any maintenance
  • Offers 6-year warranty


  • A water filter is not included with the system


So, have you decided which one suits you the best? Picking the best water softener specifically for well water that contains a high amount of hard ions and iron could be an overwhelming task. Hence, to make it easier for you, I have reviewed the 13 best water softeners for well water, so that you don’t need to compromise on your health, appliances, and plumbing.


So my top pick for an overall best water softener for well water is AFWFilters Fleck IRON Pro 2 Water Softener, which is made with advanced technologies. The made-in-US product guarantees to deliver pure and healthy water to you.

If you are questing for a budget-friendly well water softener, then I must recommend a 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Inline Water System. This product has all the abilities to filter, soften, and purify water without using electricity.

On the other hand, if you have a large family, then you should go for the Ptentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck water softener. This well water softener system works for multiple purposes either for laundry, drinking, cooking, or bathing usages.


Daniel Adley is a seasoned and skilled plumber with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in repairing and optimizing water appliances for large buildings, offices, and homes, he has a keen eye for efficiently identifying plumbing and maintenance issues. With a passion for his craft, Daniel brings extensive knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring reliable and effective solutions for his clients.

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