Best Water Softener Salt – Salt Pellets To Clean Water

The salt-based water softener cleans the impurities from the water and improves the quality of water by softening it. The water softener salt system works through a process called ion exchange in which minerals like calcium and magnesium ( cause hardness) are removed from water. 

Going further, there are many brands making softener salt available in different sizes with different features. The best water softener salt works efficiently and ensures clean and soft water for household use. 

Best Water Softener Salt

Best Water Softener Salt Brands  

Salt is the crucial element for the ion exchange process to soften the hard water. To enjoy the best water softening system, choosing the right size and designed salt for a water softener is not less than a challenge. 

These best water softener salt reviews will surely help you to grab the top salt for your water softener system. Let’s jump in!

Image Product Details   Price
Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener Morton Salt 1501 Water Softener Weight:  50.0 lb
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Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt 40 pounds Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt Weight:  40.0 Pounds
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Morton U26624S Pure AND Natural Water Softening Crystals, 40-Pound Morton U26624S Natural Water Softening Crystals Weight:  40.0 Pounds
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Morton Salt F124700000g rust defense water softener pellets 40 lb Morton Salt Morton Water Softener Pellets Weight:  40.0 Lb
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Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag 40 Lb Diamond Crystal Water Softener Weight:  40.0 lb
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Morton salt 1499 clean protect, 25 lbs,Pellet Morton salt 1499 clean protect Weight:  25.0 lbs
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Diamond Crystal 50 lb. Water Softener Salt, Bright & Soft Series, Pellets, 99.8% Purity Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt Weight:  50.0 lb
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Morton Salt System Saver II Club Bag - 40 lb Morton Salt System Saver II Club Bag  Weight:  40.0 lb
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Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Pellets Bag 40 Lb Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Pellets Weight:  40.0 lb
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True Value, 40 LB, 34908 Extra Coarse Water Conditioning Salt Crystals Coarse Water Conditioning Salt Crystals Weight:  40.0 lb
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1. Morton Salt 1501 Water Softener – Best Salt for Water Softener

Morton Salt 1501 Water Softener salt

Morton is a US brand wildly popular when it comes to best water softener salt. This salt has a convenient packaging with an easy open tab plus a hard handle to make carrying and pouring super easy.

As the name suggests, the Clean and Protect Salt Pellets has a patented formula that does not allow any residue and sediments inside the brine tank and ensures the cleanliness and protection of the tank as well as water appliances. So you do not need to clean the brink tank regularly.

The substantial 50-lb size packaging is more than sufficient for a longer use. Moreover, the Morton 1501 salt pellets increase the lifespan of any water softener because it does not have any filler or chemical that usually affect the performance and efficiency of the softener system. 

The hard water bluntly damages the water applications through stains, rust and scale accumulation. But nothing to worry any more, as the Clean And Protect as the best salt pellets for water softener perfectly softens the water to provide a high level of quality water. As a result, this soft water does not strain your plumbing fixtures and pipes. And you do not spend on repairing and replacing parts. 

All in all, the Morton 1501 is a great choice to soften and purify the water with its optimized formula to make it a best seller on amazon. Although it is expensive as compared to others in the same line, the quality and functions it offers make it worth every penny. 


  • Extends the longevity of heaters and washing machine by providing soft water
  • Effectively soften the hard water
  • Easy and convenient packaging
  • Patented formula
  • Available in large bags
  • No frequent tank cleaning required


  • An expensive salt

2. Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt – Best Diamond Crystal Salt Pellets

Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Solar Salt crystal

Cagill 7304 is renowned for its quality and low price without sacrificing the quality. That is why it is awarded as Amazon’s choice for its efficiency and high performance. 

The Cargill solar salt crystals for water softener features natural salt crystals and solar originated which is helpful to increase its work efficiency. It is packed in a polybag that particularly retains the purity of the salt. The weight is 40lb when packed. 

Being a solar salt crystals, it is more efficient and cleaner as compared to the other rock salts in the market. The exciting fact is that it does not create any issue such as channeling, bridging or mushing.  Another perk is that it is also good for meat and poultry processing. 

In terms of functions, the Cargill 7304 is multifunctional, it not only cleans the hard minerals from the water to soften it but also cures the pickles and olives, grading sensitive veggies, and processing meat. 

These Morton salt pellets give you ultimate peace of mind as it does not form heap or any harden. The polyethylene film liner provides maximum safety against moisture and humidity. It is not wrong to say that this water soften salt is the best alternative to Morton pellet salt. 


  • Efficient and cleaner than traditional salt
  • No channeling, bridging or mushing
  • Best for poultry and meat processing
  • Polythene bag for protection against moisture
  • Affordable solar salt crystals


  • Some customer reports that they found pellet instead of crystals

3. Morton U26624S Water Softening Crystals Rock Salt for Water Softener For All Softener Types

Morton U26624S Natural Water Softening Crystals salt for water softener

The Morton U26624S offers a clean and efficient solution to all your hard water issues. Luckily, this salt works perfectly fine with all types of water softener. The softening crystals actively removes the hardness of water and increases the water quality to a great extent. 

It is harvested naturally from salt water and contains sodium chloride. This salt is contamination free and maintains its high quality. Apart from this, it provides pure and soft water without creating any issues. After optimizing the water quality, the detergent and soap lather are improved and works effectively. 

It removes the hard mineral from the water to make it suitable for your hair and skin health. In addition to this, this clean water gives you a clean and soft feeling when it comes to laundry. 

Other than this, being the best salt pellets for water softener, it softens the well water and does not allow to reduce water flow as well as increases the efficiency. Most importantly, this water soften salt prevents channeling, mushing and bridging and ensures your piece of mind. 


  • Harvested naturally from salt water
  • Prevents channeling, mushing and bridging
  • Increases the appliances lifespan
  • Best for hair, skin and hair health
  • Pure sodium chloride salt


  • Produces sulfur smell in water

4. Morton F124700000g Water Softener Pellets – Cheap Water Softener Salt

Morton Salt Morton Water Softener salt Pellets

Morton is a trusted name with thousands of satisfying customers around the world. And the F124700000g series is no different. It is particularly designed to treat hard water with high amounts of iron in water. Surprisingly, it is super efficient to remove iron, almost 15 times more as compared to common and palin salt. 

This Morton salt water softener pellets give you several benefits after softening your hard water. First of all, it successfully improves the taste of water by extracting hard minerals and making water drinkable. 

Secondly, it makes your kitchen and bathroom rust free by eliminating the discoloring minerals such as iron and manganese present in the water. It does not allow scale buildup on the water applications like sinks, showers, and fixtures and helps to increase their lifespan. Thus, no more spending on their repairs and you save sufficient bucks. 

Next, these water softening salts are also helpful in laundry. The soft water accelerates the soap’s effectiveness and you get more clean and bright clothes. This water is also good for your hair and skin.

Going further, the water remains in water heaters and pipes for a longer period of time. So they are prone to have scale build up and damage soon. But luckily the Morton F cleans your water and does not allow scale buildup. It reduces your maintenance expenses.

Talking about the packing of the Morton pellet salt, it is designed to provide comfort to the users. It has sturdy handles at the top to hold it carefully and carry anywhere with ease. Its size is 40lb and definitely the best salt for water softener. 


  • Improves water taste
  • Prevents rust stains in your bathroom and kitchen
  • Keeps laundry colorful and bright
  • Eliminates scale build up in water heaters and pipes
  • Easy to handle and carry


  • Exorbitant price

5. Cargill Salt Diamond Crystal Water Softener – Best Alternative Choice To Sodium

Diamond Crystal potassium chloride water softener

Looking for an effective solution to get rid of hard water problems, then Diamond Crystal water is the best suggestion for you. Basically, it is not a traditional salt rather a potassium chloride with a low sodium making a perfect alternative for conventional salts.

Starting with its composition, it is made up of 99.1 % pure potassium chloride. These crystals carry low insoluble content which helps to run your water softening system smoothly. Therefore, it is recommended for all types of water softeners making it best softener salt. 

The Diamond salt gives you high quality water not only for your household usage but equally healthy and safe for plants and animals. This salt boosts the water efficiency and fights against the harmful minerals that cause scale accumulation and rust stains. The purify water does not allow the limescale buildup inside the tankless water heater and increases its efficiency.

Therefore, your faucets, showers, sinks, water pipes, and water heaters remain rust free and durable. Moreover, there is no clogging in your pipes and valves. The weight of the bag is 40 lb when packed. 


  • Prevents clogging in pipes and valves
  • Extends the lifespan or your water appliances
  • Contains very low insoluble content
  • No more scale build up with this salt
  • Increase the effectiveness of soap and detergent


  • Packaging is not durable

6. Morton Salt 1499 Clean Protect – Water Conditioner Salt

Morton salt 1499 clean protect salt pellets

Morton 1499 is a great addition in the Morton Salt series. The benefits it offers are matchless making it popular wildly. It delivers quality water that is healthy and safe for your family. 

Starting with the size, it is rightly sized to serve small families with less water usage. It comes in a 25 lbs sizing pack. Spilling salt is a problem and causes salt wasting. Therefore, it is designed excellently to make pouring easy. It has comfortable handles for string grip and an easy open tear strip to save salt from wasting. 

Best of all, this Morton salt water softener pellets contain resin additives helpful in cleaning water and also keeps the softener system running better and longer and smoothly. It expertly removes the iron build up from water and increases the softener system’s life for continuous use. 

The good thing is that the Salt 1499 cleans water perfectly and helps to improve the water applications and heaters efficiency drastically. That is why it is considered one of the best water softener salt.

The exciting news is that it is endorsed as the best salt for water softener by the top notch water softener manufacturers including Ecopure, Northstar and  Kenmore. These water softening salts eliminate hard minerals from the water and keeps water tanks clean and mess free. 


  • Eliminates scale build up
  • Easy to carry, open and pour bag
  • Endorsed by softener brands
  • Comes with resin additives
  • Efficient and affordable


  • Not suitable for large family

7. Diamond Crystal Bright & Soft Salt Pellets – Best Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt

Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt Pellets

The Diamond Crystal is a versatile water softener salt pellet that removes hard minerals from water. It extracts the barium, calcium, iron and magnesium to increase the water quality. 

It has a high purity level of 99.8% that increases the effectiveness of water during the regeneration process in your water softener system. Most importantly, there are no additives in this water softener crystals which can damage the water softener system. So this salt pellet guarantees the optimal performance and uninterrupted flow of soft water. 

Besides, this Diamond Crystal Salt removes barium, calcium, iron, magnesium and other harmful minerals from water. Henceforth, your water heaters, pipes, water appliances such as showers, fixtures and sinks are free from rust stains. 

The other advantages of these Morton salt pellets are impressive and popular as best salt for water softener. These water softener crystals affect your skin, and hair positively. It cleans the impurities from the water and improves the water quality that makes your dry skin soft, hair shiny and silky. In other words, this is the best water softener salt for people who have dry and sensitive skin. 

The Bright and Soft Salt is available in a 50 lbs bag, making it the best choice for those who do not want to buy salt frequently. 


  • Offers smooth water flow
  • Optimized softener performance
  • Efficient to remove hard minerals
  • Prevents rust stains
  • Improves skin and hair health


  • Overpriced salt 
  • Bag opening is quite difficult

8. Morton Salt System Saver II Club Bag – Top Morton Salt Pellets

Morton Salt System Saver II Club Bag  water softener pellets

Morton is a leading brand and makes high quality water softener salts to handle all your hard minerals problems excellently. It is available in large bags of 40 lbs to be utilized for longer periods of time. 

When it comes to performance of the salt, it has a patented formula that improves water efficiency by extracting harmful minerals. Therefore, the clean and soft water does not corrode the water heaters and they have relatively longer life span. 

Due to the continuous flow of water in pipes and appliances, there is scale buildup, and rust stains which damage them and affect their working. Thanks to the Saver ll Club salt water softener, that removes harmful minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron and prevents mineral buildup. 

Pouring and holding of the salt bag is an art. And Morton understands its users’ problems and takes every step to give them comfort. It is carefully designed with a tab that opens easily. Moreover, the hard handles allow you to take the bag and pour salt with ultimate ease making this a convenient salt bag. It comes with a good housekeeping seal. It offers better lathering for soap and makes washing much easier. 


  • Increases soap lathering
  • Saves money on repair and parts replacements
  • Prevents scale build up
  • Comes with housekeeping seal
  • Increases water quality


  • A little heavy bag

9. Cargill Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Pellets – Best For Iron Removal

Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Pellets salt water softener

If you are looking for cost effective solutions for your hard water problems, the Diamond Iron Fighter is the top choice for you. These iron pellets are extremely efficient and clean to soften the water. 

As far as the performance is concerned, it solves the issues like rust stains, mushing and bridging. These problems usually limit the efficiency of the softening system. However, with Cargill Diamond you do not face such problems anymore. 

As the name implies, the Iron Fighter removes iron from water and enhances its quality and performance. In addition to this, this Salt does not clog your water softener system. Besides, the showers, faucets and  pipes remain stain free. In other words, this brand helps the water appliances to extend the life span. 

It comes in a large bag of 40 lbs makes it the perfect choice for large families. Also, you do not go to buy water softener salt frequently as this quantity is sufficient for long use. 


  • Efficient and cleaner than ordinary salts
  • Increases the longevity of fixtures and showers
  • Good option for stockpiling
  • No more damage to the plumbing system
  • Ideal for large household


  • Low efficiency is reported for high iron water

10. Compass Minerals Water Softener Salt CrystalsSalt Crystals for Water Softener

Coarse Water Conditioning Salt Crystals best salt for water softener

Compass Minerals Salt is another top notch water softener salt with crystals gives you peace of mind by killing hard minerals problems. It is pure salt that is helpful to boost the quality of water to a higher level. It is essential to know about diamond crystal vs morton water softener salt to pick the one meeting your requirements. 

Talking about its performance, it is 99.8%  highly soluble pure salt to eliminate hard minerals like calcium, and magnesium. This water softener salt has natural conditioning salt crystals that are specifically harvested from sea water. 

The enhanced soft water is good for drinking, laundry, washing and taking showers. It effortlessly prevents tasting and scaling on the kitchen and bathroom accessories. It also saves water haters and pipes from rusting. Therefore, it is highly recommended as best water softener salt for water softener by professionals. 

It is convenient with all types of water softener brands and offers adequate water flow rate. This Extra Coarse Conditioning Salt comes in 40 lb sized packing. This quantity is sufficient for longer use and you do not need to buy often. Therefore, it is popular as best salt for water softener.


  • Highly soluble 99.8 % pure salt
  • Improves softener performance
  • Recommended by professionals
  • Safe and effective solution


  • Heavy bag
  • Packing is not good

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