Top 7 Best Water Softeners System Reviews

Today, pure and clean water is everyone’s necessity so is pretty hard to find. No matter if you get filtered water that is decontaminated from germs and bacteria, but what if the water contains other additional reserves like magnesium, iron, and calcium. Such purifying filters only remove dirt and microbes from water but they cannot transform hard water into soft water.

Hard water not only tastes bad, but it also damages your appliances, dishware, clothes, and could be harmful to your wellbeing too. You should not take your health and other stuff at risk when you have the option of water softeners.

best water softener

Stay with me to pick the best water softener after reading water softener reviews and save your time from dealing with hard water for hours.

List of 7 Best Electric Water Softeners

Today, I have reviewed the 7 best water softeners available in the market. In these water softener reviews, you would get several options which include salt-free, slat-based, and hybrid water softeners so that you could opt for the perfect solution for your hard water issues.

Water Softener Comparisons Table

Image Product Details   Price
AFWFilters AFW Filters IRON Pro 2 Combination AFWFilters IRON Pro 2 Water Softener Dimensions: 52 x 12 x 12 inches
95 pounds
Color: Black
Grain Capacity:
64,000 Grains
AFW Filters
Check Price
AO Smith Whole House Salt Free Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative AO Smith Whole House Water Softener Dimensions: 30.2 x 9.5 x 9.4 inches
14.22 pounds
Color: Black
Grain Capacity:
600,000 Gallons
AO Smith
Check Price
Fleck 5600sxt Metered On-demand 48,000 Grain Water Softener with brine tank Fleck 5600sxt Water Softener Dimensions: 24 x 10 x 62 inches
20.4 pounds
Grain Capacity:
48,000 Grains
AFW Filters
Check Price
iSpring ED2000 whole house electronic descaler water conditioner water softener iSpring Whole House Water Softener Dimensions: 7 x 3.2 x 5 inches
2 pounds
Grain Capacity:
20,000 Grains
iSpring Store
Check Price
Tier1 Essential Series 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener Tier1 Digital Water Softener Dimensions: 57 x 27 x 15 inches
0.65 pounds
Black/ Blue
Grain Capacity:
48,000 Grains
Tier1 Store
Check Price
GE Appliances 30,400 Grain, GXSF30V Water Softener GE Appliances Grains Water Softener Dimensions: 22.44x 14.44 x 43.25 inches
80 pounds
Grain Capacity:
30,400 Grains
General Electrics
Check Price
DuraWater 64k-56sxt-10al 64,000 grain water softener DuraWater Grain Water Softener Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 52 inches
53 pounds
Black/ Almond/Blue
Grain Capacity: 24,000 – 80,000 Grains
DuraWater Store
Check Price

1.  AFWFilters IRON Pro 2 Best Whole House Water Softener

AFWFilters AFW Filters IRON Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck

Key Features

  • high flow for whole house use
  • Comes with AFW Filters install kit
  • Comes with the standard brine tank
  • Water softener, iron filter, all in one
  •  digital metered valve for efficiency

Here comes one of my favorite products which is Amazon’s Choice. This AFW whole house water softener system has the capacity to store 45 gallons of water at a time. It filters more than 64,000 grains of hard ions like magnesium, calcium, and iron from water and provides you clean drinkable water.

The soft water system is digital. There is a Fleck 5600SXT digital controller inbuilt with the controller which comprises four operation modes.

AFWFilters AFW Filters IRON Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve for whole house (64,000 Grains, Black)

These modes include the day of the week regeneration, delayed meter regeneration, delayed time clock regeneration, and immediate meter regeneration. You can select any of these modes at your convenience.

Not only this, since the whole system is digital, so it also contains an LCD display with a backlight via which you can read the information such as what mode is chosen, the transformation number of days, or how much water is left. Besides, the touchpad facilitates you to control the system easily without any hassle. Just touch and operate!

Other than this, there are numerous other features in this water softening system that’s why this is Amazon’s Choice and my top suggestion as well. This water softener works best with a tankless water heater.

Pre Loaded Water softener, iron filter, all in one! high flow for whole house use!

However, these technologies include 48-hour memory backup, turbine-electronic flow meter which shows the flow rate, and fine mesh resin that treats water with high iron levels from 0.5ppm through 5ppm. Nevertheless, when you go to buy the best rated water softeners, you may find it slightly expensive. You would get a 10-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The entire system is digital and very convenient to use.
  • You can effortlessly get specific information on its built-in LCD.
  • It has a 48-hour memory backup feature that saves information and you don’t have to insert the data repeatedly.
  • The fine mesh resins system quickly detects hard ions and removes them.
  • The system is ideal for whole-house coverage and provides soft water in multiple taps.
  • You would get a 10-year full warranty along with a one-month money-back guarantee.


  • This water softener is rather expensive to purchase.
  • You need a large space to install due to its big size.
  • The manual instructions could be hard to follow.

2.  AO Smith Whole House Water Softener Top Rated Water Softeners

Key Features

  • Salt-Free Scale Prevention
  • Works For All Your Water Needs
  • Comes with the standard brine tank
  • Long Lasting & Cost Efficient
  • Limited 6-year warranty

If you are looking for a salt-free water softener, then the AO Smith water softener is a perfect choice for you. This excellent water softening system does not use any chemical to soften hard water, yet it naturally diminishes the scale from pipes and provides you pure water. The natural process would not remove any natural nutrients from water so that you get healthy drinkable water.

Moreover, this water softener system can transform up to 600,000 gallons of water which can go for more than five years. Since it is a whole-house system, it delivers water to multiple taps and showers, and you can use this water for washing, drinking, cooking, and bathing purposes effortlessly. Additionally this is also known as well water softener.

Another amazing thing of this best rated water softeners is that the AO Smith water softening system is compatible with both well and city water taps.

Infographic of  AO Smith Whole House Salt Free Water Descaler

There are numerous other accessories that come along with this system which include a shut-off valve, nipple, entire hose descaler, and hose adaptor.

How this Water Descaler Works

You can hassle-freely install this system because it is very convenient, user-friendly, and lightweight. If you are searching for an average-cost product, it is ideal for you. You would get a six-year warranty.

Do it yourself installation

This AO smith has successfully made its position in the top whole house water softener reviews.


  • The system does not need any maintenance often.
  • It purifies water without using salt or any other chemical.
  • A whole house water softener that can convert up to 600,000 Gallons of water.
  • You would get several other features free of cost.
  • This water softening system is very reliable with durable construction.
  • It is neither too expensive nor very cheap.
  • Installation is very convenient.
  • A 6-year warranty is there.


  • You won’t get a water filter along with this system. You have to buy it separately.
  • The system could be a little noisy.

3. Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Salt Water Softening Systems

Key Features

  • Engineered with double backwash
  • Digital Metered Water Softener
  • The standard square brine tank included
  • High capacity extra long life resin
  • Overflow Elbow for brine tank

A very flexible selection manufactured by a US-based company Fleck which is a salt-based water softener. Although it uses salt to remove hard ions, a great benefit is it uses very less amount that does not impact your health. This product is also controlled digitally. There is a digital touchpad via which you easily get to know about the present status.

Besides, it is very easy to install but you probably need a technician or expert that fits it perfectly. Being a best water softener system, the system includes all accessories so that you don’t have to rush to market to buy further fixtures.

On-demand 48,000 Grain Water Softener with brine tank

Another outstanding technology in this product is the scan and service app. You can scan the whole program with your smartphone and control it from anywhere.

Moving towards its lifespan and warranty. If you have ever used other Fleck products, they usually last longer than other products. Once you buy this water softener, you can sturdily use it for 20 to 30 years or more. Moreover, in case of any technical fault, you would get a 5-year limited warranty.

This water softener system review will help you to choose the best water softener system as per your demand.


  • This whole system is fully digital.
  • There is a touchpad panel which makes it convenient for you to control.
  • Uses a very low amount of salt to soften water.
  • An accessible product that is very easy to install.
  • It has a large capacity that delivers water to large families.
  • The backlit LCD is integrated to let you know about the current status.
  • You would get a five-year easy warranty in case of some issue.
  • This product works reliably for 20-30 years.


  • You need some technician to install the system.
  • This water softener could be fallen on a pricey side.
  • No warranty will be given if the product is not registered within 30 days after purchase.

According to News Anyway, Catherine has discussed signs if youre getting hard water and some reasons why you need a water softner?

4. iSpring ED2000 Water Softener Best Under Sink Water Softener

Key Features

  • Descales your entire water system
  • Designed for very hard water areas 
  • No plumbing modifications required
  • 1-year money-back and lifetime tech support
  • Whole House Electronic Descaler

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly water softening system that could be purchased at an affordable price and delivers remarkable execution, go for iSpring ED2000. This water softener has a very compact and ideal size that can be adjusted in a small place. Although the size is compact, it is a whole house system that delivers soft and pure water to multiple taps and showers.

Designed for very hard water areas (10-19 grains per gallon). Saves energy and extends the life of your appliances

If you are conscious about the environment and want a best home water softener system that works calmly, this product is great in both ways. The iSpring does not waste water, yet it takes a specific amount of water and provides you after regenerating it

Further, while operating, it does not make any noise and ensures silent operations without disturbing your peace. Though the products comes with premium features, it has reasonable price. It is ideal for you if you are on a low-sodium diet because it purifies water with low sodium ions.

Alternative Electronic Salt-Free Hard Water Conditioner Softener, Reduces Limescale Prevent Deposits Build-up

Additionally, it is extremely lightweight that you can install on your own. After adopting this product, you would get a one-year money-back guarantee.

This water softener system review make it easy to pick the one that is under your budget.


  • This water filter is maintenance-free. 
  • It removes other harmful ions without removing beneficial nutrients.
  • You can install this system on your own: no plumber is required.
  • It works quietly.
  • You can buy this product at an affordable rate.
  • A one-year money-back guarantee if you don’t find it suitable


  • It only cleanses water with low sodium ions.
  • Hard water minerals are not removed 100%.
  • If your water contains iron, you need to install a water filter separately.

5. Tier1 Essential Digital Water Softener Best Iron Filter

Key Features

  • Digital Meter Control Valve
  • unique precision turbine meter is incorporated
  • ease of operation 
  • energy efficient
  • smart design

Another incredible water softener that values your money is Tier 1 Softener. This water softener is beneficial in numerous manners. First, it saves your energy to a great extent. Not only energy but your soap, detergent, and time to be dealt with hard water.

Besides, it protects your appliances, makes your hair silky and shiny, and easily cleanable.

Why Tier 1

In addition to this, the Tier1 digital water softener preserves nutrients in the water that impacts your health positively. The entire softening system is digital except for the bypass valve which you may not find much convenient as compared to the digital one making it best water softener system.

The Tier1 essential digital water softener eliminates hard ions from water such as phosphate, magnesium, and calcium and makes the water drinkable and usable for other purposes.

Talking about its fitting; you can easily install it anywhere because it takes very small space due to its compact size. The system is weather resistant but, if it is cold, it may freeze the water inside.

How to install Tier 1 4800 Grain Water Softener


  • This water softener is tremendously lightweight and compact in size which takes very small space.
  • The whole system is digital.
  • It is weather-resistant and can be installed in the open air.
  • You would get two vibrant shades in this model.
  • You can ideally use it over 10-20 years.


  • Although it is weather resistant but not snow or waterproof.
  • It comprises a heavy price tag.
  • The bypass valve is manual which is less convenient than a digital one.

6. GE Appliances GXSF30V Water Softener Best Electric Water Softener

Key Features

  • Electronic controls
  • Easy to use up-front electronic controls 
  • Uses up to 20% less water
  • GE exclusive days to empty
  • Salt Capacity of 200 lbs

The General Electric appliances always deliver extraordinary products to its customers. Therefore, its regular buyers can purchase with closed eyes. The same is the case with this best home water softener.

This product comes with plentiful warranties if you encounter any issue regarding this product, the company would facilitate you to repair it.

Now coming towards its performance. The GE GXSF30V is a very reliable, user-friendly, easy to install, and compact product that you can install yourself. The whole system is digital along with a backlit LCD to watch the status.

It not only eliminates magnesium and calcium, but it has the credibility to remove iron up to 8 pm without eradicating other nutrients from water so that you could get healthy drinkable water.


  • This system is fully digitally controllable.
  • It works great with both city walls and well supplies.
  • It efficiently removes iron and other minerals and provides drinkable water.
  • The system is maintenance-free.
  • Metered regeneration for it comprises the highest regeneration efficiency.
  • You would get a one-year warranty.


  • The instructions are technical to understand.
  • It is a pretty expensive product.
  • If the system leaks or breaks, it won’t be repaired under warranty.

7. DuraWater 64k-56sxt-10al Water SoftenerBest Home Water Softener

Key Features

  • most advanced features 
  • Upgraded 10% cross linked resin
  • simple design for easy programming 
  • ready for easy installation
  • Includes bypass valve

If you keep a large family and are looking for best whole house water softener that provides soft water to numerous taps, you should pick DuraWater 64k-56sxt-10al water softener which can generate hard water up to 80,000 grains.

It is a salt-based softening system that removes extra magnesium, calcium, and other ions, and replaces them with sodium.

It not only removes these ions, but keeps your appliances, pipes, clothes, and dishes protected from hard minerals to make it best water softener system. The DuraWater assures your health and you can fearlessly consume this water for drinking and cooking purposes.

This best home water softener comes in a compact size which can be easily installed and takes not much space.


  • This whole system is digital which can be controlled through an inbuilt LCD.
  • It effectively removes sulfur, magnesium, and calcium from the water.
  • It is proficient for both city walls and well supplies.
  • Ideal for large families.
  • It provides filtration and oxidation water to drink.


  • You may find it quite expensive.
  • It does not purify water 100%.

A study from the National Water-Quality Assessment Project assessed water-quality conditions for about 2,100 domestic wells across the United States.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of things to consider when you go for buying a water softener for your household. However, if you identify your requirements, it becomes easier to make a choice instantly through these whole house water softener reviews.

Above, I have discussed the seven best water softeners of different types, either salt-free and salt-based, whole-house and for single-use, etc.

Nevertheless, if you have been roaming the market in search of the best water softeners, stay in one place and make your decision calmly with the help of these water softener reviews.

All products which I have reviewed are selected on the basis of the personal experiences of my teammates and Amazon’s buyers.

Moreover, each item is manufactured from top-notch brands that offer you product warranty and maintenance. Now that you have made your choice, buy the most appropriate product for you and live a healthy life.

Before you make a purchase, glimpse on our top-picks which is free of cost recommendation for our buyers.

Our Recommendations

So, my first pick from the list is AFWFilters IRON Pro 2 Water Softener which is one of the bestselling products on Amazon. It has a lot to offer which you can read in its given reviews. The entire digital system with several features that instantly detects and removes hard ions from water.

Moreover, if you are questing for a budget-friendly product, pick iSpring ED2000 Water Softener. This water softener comes at a very reasonable price with a whole-house system and delivers soft water to multiple taps.


1.  Is it safe to drink water from a water softener?

Of course! It’s 100% safe to drink from a water softener. The water softener only removes hard ions from the water that could be dangerous to your health. However, it neutralizes these minerals and purifies water to make it drinkable. A water softener does preserve healthy nutrients inside the water that does not harm your body.

2.  Does water softener increase my electricity bills?

Yes! A water softener is operated electrically. When you install it in your homes, it would automatically affect your energy bills. But it’s not that much worry. It would slightly impact your bills. In simple words, the more your water contains hard ions, the more it takes energy to remove minerals.

3.  What Does the Best Water Softener Eliminate?

If you use a salt-based water softener, it would remove magnesium and calcium minerals with a 99% guarantee. However, a salt-free softener has no surety to remove all ions from water and make it healthy to drink. There is another kind of softener that works in a hybrid manner. This sort of product has the capability to remove minerals, iron, germs, microbes, and other contaminants from water.

4.  What is the difference between a water softener and a descaler?

A water softener and a descaler are used to soften hard water; they work differently. A water softener eliminates magnesium and calcium ions from hard water and replaces them with sodium. On the other hand, a descaler does not remove these ions, instead, it transforms these ions unable to produce limescale buildup.

5.  Can I use potassium chloride instead of salt in my water softener?

Yes! You can absolutely use potassium chloride instead of salt in your water softener. Potassium chloride would work exactly like the salt while regenerating ions and softening water. The main purpose of using salt is to exchange these ions with sodium. Since potassium is a decent alternative to sodium, it won’t affect the execution or taste of water.

Daniel Adley is a seasoned and skilled plumber with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in repairing and optimizing water appliances for large buildings, offices, and homes, he has a keen eye for efficiently identifying plumbing and maintenance issues. With a passion for his craft, Daniel brings extensive knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring reliable and effective solutions for his clients.

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