How To Replace Contigo Water Bottle Mouthpiece

Sometimes, the lid/mouthpiece on your Contigo water bottle can get worn out or broken. This can happen if you use it a lot or accidentally drop it. When the lid gets damaged, it might not fit tightly anymore, and water can leak out. To fix this problem, you can get a replacement for the Contigo water bottle lid. By replacing the lid, you can make sure it fits snugly and doesn’t leak. It’s important to have a good lid so you can keep using your water bottle without any issues.

Contigo Autospout Mouthpiece Replacement Procedure

Replacing the mouthpiece on your Contigo water bottle is a simple process that can ensure your bottle stays clean and functional. Here are the steps to replace the mouthpiece:

Step 1 Gather The Necessary Tools

Before you start working on your Contigo bottle lid, you will need a few tools. Here’s a list of the items you’ll need:

Mini Triangle Screwdriver Set: You can get the Fixinus triangle screwdriver set from Amazon. It’s a good choice because it’s affordable and has the right small sizes for Contigo water bottle lids. Make sure to get the 1.8 mm size, as some other kits might not fit properly.

Alternatively, you can use a 2mm Tri-Wing Screwdriver: If you can’t find the Fixinus triangle screwdriver set, you can try using a 2mm Tri-Wing Screwdriver instead. It should also work well for unscrewing the Contigo bottle lids.

Pliers Or Tweezers: These tools will help you grip and handle small parts while working on the lid.

Small Flathead Screwdriver Or Butter Knife: You might need this tool to help pry open certain parts of the lid if necessary.

Saucer Or Container: Find a saucer or container where you can place and store the tiny parts safely while you’re working on the lid. This will help prevent them from getting lost.

Step 2 How Do You Put the Mouthpiece Back on a Contigo Water Bottle?

Putting the mouthpiece back on a Contigo water bottle is a simple process that ensures a secure and functional seal. Here are the steps to follow:

Clean the mouthpiece: Before reattaching the mouthpiece, make sure it is clean. Rinse it thoroughly with warm soapy water to remove any dirt or residue.

Locate the mouthpiece opening: Look for the opening on the top of the Contigo water bottle lid or straw where the mouthpiece will be inserted.

Align the mouthpiece: Take the clean mouthpiece and align it with the opening on the lid or straw. Ensure that it is positioned correctly and ready for insertion.

Insert the mouthpiece: Gently push the mouthpiece into the opening on the lid or straw. Apply even pressure and continue pushing until the mouthpiece is fully inserted.

Twist to secure: Once the mouthpiece is inserted, give it a slight twist clockwise to secure it in place. This twisting action helps ensure that the mouthpiece stays firmly attached to the lid or straw.

Test for a secure fit: To ensure that the mouthpiece is securely attached, give it a gentle tug. It should not come off easily or wobble when pulled. If it feels loose, remove and reinsert the mouthpiece, making sure to twist it securely.

Clean and fill the bottle: After putting the mouthpiece back on, clean the entire Contigo water bottle, including the lid and mouthpiece, with clean water. Once cleaned, fill the bottle with your desired beverage.

Where to Find Contigo Lid Replacement

Contigo snapseal lid

When in need of a Contigo lid replacement, contigo autospout replacement, contigo autospout mouthpiece replacement,  there are several options available to find the specific parts you require. Here are a few places where you can look for Contigo lid replacements, including replacements for the Contigo Autospout and mouthpiece:

Contigo Official Website

Visit the official Contigo website and explore their “Replacement Parts” section. They offer a variety of replacement lids, including Autospout lids and mouthpieces, specifically designed for Contigo water bottles.

Online Retailers

Check popular online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. These platforms often carry a wide range of Contigo products, including replacement lids.

Local Stores

Visit local stores that sell water bottles, kitchenware, or outdoor gear. Some retailers may have a selection of Contigo products or be able to order replacement lids for you. Inquire with the store personnel and provide them with the specific details about the Contigo lid you need.

Contigo Customer Support

Reach out to Contigo’s customer support for assistance in finding the right replacement lid. They can provide guidance, help you locate authorized retailers, or direct you to official distributors that carry Contigo replacement parts.

How To Take Apart The Different Contigo Water Bottle Lids

When it comes to Contigo autospout lid replacement, taking apart different Contigo water bottle lids is inevitable. This process may vary depending on the specific lid design. Let’s explore different Contigo lid opening methods in detail!

How To Take Apart Contigo Autoseal Lid

how to take apart contigo autoseal lid

If you need to take apart your Contigo Autoseal lid, don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy. There are only a few parts to the lid, so it won’t take long. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A screwdriver with a cross-shaped head (called a Phillips head screwdriver).
  • A small screwdriver with a flat tip (called a small flathead screwdriver).
  • A towel or cloth (optional, but can be helpful).

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the lid. Turn them counterclockwise until they come out.
  2. Take the small flathead screwdriver and gently pry off the black plastic disk that covers the Be careful not to lose the small white rubber ring underneath it.
  3. Now, you should be able to pull off the clear plastic top part of the lid. Just give it a little tug.
  4. The Autoseal button is connected to a spring. To take it out, gently push down on one side and pull it out.
  5. You can now clean each part of the Contigo mouthpiece as needed. Use soap and water to wash them, and make sure they’re completely dry before putting them back together.

How Do You Take Apart a Contigo Autospout?

contigo autospout mouthpiece replacement

If you have a Contigo Autospout water bottle and want to take it apart, here are some simple steps:

  • Twist and unscrew the lid from the bottle. This will let you reach the inside parts easily.
  • After taking off the lid, you’ll see a small rubber piece. It keeps the spout clean. Carefully take it out from the lid.
  • Underneath the rubber piece, there is a white plastic ring. Remove this ring as well.
  • Now, unscrew the black bottom part of the bottle from the rest of it. This will help separate it easily.
  • Once you’ve unscrewed the bottom part, you’ll notice a silver disk with a small hole in the middle. Push gently on one side of the disk until it pops out of its place. After it comes out, you can take it off completely.
  • If you want to fully take apart the water bottle, you can remove the black tube that connects to the spout. But be careful! This step might damage or break the bottle, so be cautious. Push on one end of the tube until it pops out of its place in the spout. Then, gently pull it straight out, making sure not to bend or twist it too much.

Note: Remember, if you need more guidance or encounter any difficulties, it’s a good idea to check the manufacturer’s instructions or contact Contigo’s customer support for help.

Contigo Autospout Replacement Lid

Contigo Autopop lid

If you own a Contigo water bottle with the Autospout feature, you know how handy it is to have a lid that opens and closes automatically. But what should you do if the Autospout breaks? Don’t worry, Contigo has you covered with their replacement Autospout lid. It’s just like the original, but with a few small improvements.

The new replacement Autospout lid has a stronger rubber seal around the spout instead of the old silicone one. This change helps prevent leaks and keeps your water bottle working well for longer.

Another improvement is that the button on the top of the lid is now slightly lower, making it less likely to get accidentally pushed. And there’s also a small hole at the bottom of the spout to allow any trapped water to drain out. These changes make the lid even more convenient and reliable.

If your current Autospout lid is showing signs of wear or has already broken, don’t hesitate to get a replacement from Contigo. It’s an affordable way to keep your favorite water bottle in great shape and working perfectly.

How To Fix Contigo Water Bottle Lid

To fix a Contigo water bottle lid, follow these steps:

  • Inspect the lid for any visible cracks, breaks, or misaligned parts. Identify the specific issue before proceeding with the repair.
  • Remove any dirt, debris, or residue from the lid by washing it with mild soap and warm water. Rinse it thoroughly and ensure it is completely dry before attempting any repairs.
  • If the lid feels loose or is not sealing properly, try tightening it securely onto the bottle. Turn it clockwise until it is snug and secure. Test the lid to see if it has improved.
  • Examine the seal or gasket inside the lid. Ensure it is properly aligned and undamaged. If the seal appears worn or cracked, it may need to be replaced.
  • If the seal is damaged or worn out, carefully remove it from the lid. Contact Contigo customer support or visit their official website to obtain a replacement seal that matches your specific model. Follow the instructions provided by Contigo to install the new seal correctly.
  • Fill the water bottle with water, close the lid tightly, and tilt the bottle to different angles to check for any leaks. If leaks persist, double-check the alignment and tightness of the lid.
  • If the lid continues to malfunction or cannot be repaired using the above steps, consider contacting Contigo customer support for further assistance or explore the possibility of obtaining a replacement lid.


Replacing the mouthpiece of your Contigo water bottle is a simple process that can be accomplished by following the steps provided. By gathering the necessary tools, carefully removing the old mouthpiece, and securely attaching the new one, you can enjoy a fresh and functional mouthpiece for your Contigo water bottle. Remember to take your time, be gentle with the parts, and ensure a proper fit to maintain the functionality and convenience of your water bottle.


How do you disassemble Contigo?

To disassemble a Contigo water bottle, identify any screws, clips, or locking mechanisms holding the parts together, and use the appropriate tools to loosen or remove them. Gently separate the parts, clean or repair them as needed, and then reassemble the bottle.

Are Contigo water bottle lids interchangeable?

Most Contigo water bottles can use interchangeable lids such as Autoseal, Autopop, and Autospout lids.

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